Explanation of Average Cycling Speed by Age (Age Chart)

Cycling speed can vary greatly among individuals, and there are many factors that can affect it. One of the most significant factors is age. Generally, children’s average cycling speed is around 7.85mph, adult beginners average around 10mph, and regular commuters can average around 15mph.

In terms of gender, male adults tend to average higher speeds than female adults, around 22km/h for men and 19km/h for women. However, it’s important to note that other factors such as the type of bike, location, and terrain can also play a role in determining cycling speed.

Additionally, a person’s level of fitness and training, as well as their riding experience, can also affect their cycling speed. For example, a highly trained and experienced cyclist will likely be able to ride faster than a beginner.

Explanation of Average Cycling Speed by Age (Age Chart Examples)

What’s the Average Cycling Speed for Kids?

Most children start cycling at around three years old, but it’s important to keep in mind that their cycling abilities will not match those of adults.

The average speed for kids on a bike is around 7.85mph, however, this can vary depending on factors such as their age, level of cycling experience and the type of bike they are using.

As kids grow older and gain more cycling experience, it is expected that their cycling speed will increase. For example, older children may be able to ride faster than younger children and more experienced children may be able to ride faster than beginner children.

It’s also worth noting that young children, especially those below the age of ten, may find it challenging to ride continuously for more than an hour. Therefore, when considering the average cycling speed for kids, it’s important to look at the average speed per day rather than per hour.

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Age GroupCycling Plan (Miles/Day)
3-5 years10 miles/day
6-10 years10-25 miles/day
10-12 years30-40 miles/day

What’s the Average Cycling Speed for Adults?

Adults have a range of cycling speeds, which can depend on factors like gender and experience. Beginner adults tend to average around 10mph, while older adults may go slightly slower. However, regular commuters often average 15mph.

It’s important to keep in mind that the type of bike can also play a role in determining an adult’s average cycling speed. For example, adult road cyclists tend to ride faster than mountain bikers. This is because it’s easier to ride on smooth surfaces compared to hilly terrain.

To give you an idea, I’ve included a table that shows the average cyclist speed for different types of adult bikes.

Bike TypeAverage Speed (Km/h)
Road Bike19-30 Km/h
Commuter Bike13-22 Km/h
Mountain Bike16-24 Km/h
Hybrid Bike18-27 Km/h

What’s the Average Cycling Speed for Men?

A study by Strava found that men generally ride faster than women. Men’s average cycling speed is 22 km/h, but this can vary by country. Road conditions and speed limits affect the average speed of men in different countries. Here’s a table that shows the average cycling speed for men in the top five most popular cycling countries.

CountryMen Average Cycling Speed (Km/h)
U.S.A24.63 km/h
U.K25.61 km/h
Spain22.31 km/h
France2.36 km/h
Germany22.31 km/h

What’s the Average Cycling Speed for Women?

Strava also studied women’s cycling speed. On average, adult women average 19km/h. This is lower than men’s average speed due to women being less masculine. Below is a chart that shows the average cycling speed for women in different countries, by age.

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CountryWomen Average Cycling Speed (Km/h)
U.S.A20.51 km/h
U.K19.84 km/h
Spain19.86 km/h
France20.74 km/h
Germany19.94 km/h

What’s the Average Cycling Speed for Teenagers?

At 13 years old, kids may ride as fast as adults. Teenagers, on average, have the same speed as adults, depending on their experience level. Beginner teenagers average 10 mph while experienced ones average 15 mph.

Explanation of Average Cycling Speed by Age (Age Chart Examples)

Experience Matters, Age Notwithstanding

Experience level also plays a role in cycling speed, not just age. Here’s a table that shows the average cycling speed for riders at different experience levels:

Experience LevelAverage Cycling Speed (MPH)
Regular Cyclists15mph

It’s important to note that even with experience and ability, the speed can be affected by factors such as the terrain, weather conditions, and the rider’s physical condition.

How Can You Improve Your Cycling Speed?

You can improve the cycling average speed for your age using these smart tips:

Be Aerodynamic

To improve aerodynamics while cycling and reduce wind drag, try these tips:

  • Use a drop bar handlebar like the UPANBIKE Drop Bar.
  • Use thinner tires.
  • Tuck in your elbows.
  • Wear an aerodynamic cycling helmet like the Giro Aero Helmet.
  • Wear tighter cycling clothes.

These tips can help you to reduce wind resistance and improve your cycling speed. However, it’s important to keep in mind that aerodynamics are just one factor that can affect speed, and other factors such as fitness, power and terrain should also be considered.

Leverage Tailwind

Riding with a tailwind can be beneficial as it can provide extra force that can help you to increase your speed. However, you should be careful not to lose your balance. The wind can be unpredictable and can easily change direction, so it’s important to be aware of the wind conditions and adjust your riding accordingly.

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Ride Short Distances

To maintain a consistent speed over long distances, try using interval training. Ride at a high speed for short intervals, then rest in between. This allows you to recover and maintain your energy levels, so you can maintain a consistent speed throughout your ride. This tactic can be used for both outdoor and indoor cycling.

Take a Friend
Explanation of Average Cycling Speed by Age (Age Chart Examples)

Riding with friends can be a great way to stay motivated and push yourself to ride faster. Riding in a group can reduce wind resistance, making it easier to maintain a higher speed. Additionally, you can use the drafting technique, where one person leads the way and others follow closely behind. This can help to improve your average cycling speed and challenge you to ride faster.

Get Light (In Weight)

Being overweight can negatively impact your cycling speed. To improve your speed, it may be beneficial to try to lose weight. You can do this by cutting down on sugar and fat in your diet and incorporating strength training into your exercise routine. Being lighter will make it easier to maintain a higher cycling speed. Additionally, hitting the gym while still cycling can help to build muscle and improve your overall fitness.

Observe the Correct Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure is essential for both safety and speed when cycling. Before going for a ride, make sure to check the tire pressure and inflate them if necessary. Low tire pressure can make it harder to maintain a high speed and increases the risk of a flat tire. Keep your tires at the recommended pressure level for your specific bike and riding conditions to ensure optimal performance and safety.

To Sum Up

Use the information on average cycling speed by age and experience level as a guide to gauge your own performance and decide how to ride in different places. It also assists new cyclists in selecting a bike to purchase. Keep in mind that these averages, and consider your own fitness level and experience before making decisions about your own cycling performance.

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