Ravemen CR1000 Front Light Is It The Best For Bikes

We’ve been testing the Ravemen CR1000 front lamp for months. It has undergone trials in both everyday and extreme conditions.

Lamp overview

RAVEMEN CR1000 Bike Light

The CR1000 name signifies its maximum lumen output. With a single lens, this lamp suits road use. Its anti-glare lens offers a T-shaped beam, illuminating short and long distances.

The lamp provides 6 lighting modes, catering to road lighting requirements. Due to its wide beam, maximum modes aren’t necessary for visibility. The light modes include:

  1. High: 1000 lumens, lasting 2 hours.
  2. Medium: 600 lumens, enduring 2.7 hours.
  3. Low: 350 lumens, persisting for 5.8 hours.
  4. Eco: 100 lumens, with a remarkable 25 hours of use.
  5. Flash: 500 lumens, providing a flashing light for 43.5 hours.
  6. Rapid Flash: 150 lumens, lasting for an impressive 45 hours.

Here are the other lamp’s notable attributes:

  1. Equipped with remote wired control.
  2. Features small side marker lights.
  3. Includes a micro-USB socket.
  4. Powered by a high-capacity 4000 mAh battery.
  5. Displays battery level through indicators: Green (>65%), Red (10-65%), Flashing red (<10%).
  6. Enhanced with a phosphorescent button.
  7. Utilizes intelligent memory, retaining the last used mode.
  8. Compatible with hangers ranging from 22.2 to 35 mm.
  9. Boasts IPX6 waterproofing.
  10. Illuminated by a CREE LED lamp.
  11. Dimensions: 104mm x 29 mm x 32 mm.
  12. Requires an average of 3 hours for charging.
  13. Weighs in at 140 g.
  14. Priced at 70$.

Ravemen CR1000 highlights

  • Weight: A standout feature of this lamp is its weight, particularly when compared to similar lamps in the market with comparable light output and autonomy. At merely 140g, it offers a practical solution, especially for ultra-cycling, where bike weight matters significantly.
  • Autonomy: The values provided on the product sheet align with our real-world observations. This grants you the freedom to ride at night without the constant concern of recharging. Moreover, connecting it to a power bank while on the go extends its light duration virtually without limits.
  • Accessories: Initially appearing as a novelty, the button for adjusting modes swiftly becomes both enjoyable and functional. It serves well in dimly lit areas or when you need a powerful beam to handle unexpected road obstacles. The inclusion of two small side lights proves beneficial for signaling in blind spots and at intersections, enhancing overall safety.
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These attributes collectively enhance the lamp’s usability and make it a valuable companion for various cycling scenarios.

RAVEMEN CR1000 Bike Light

Areas for improvement

While the lamp already aligns with our expectations, we envision potential improvements in future iterations:

  • USB-C Compatibility: To establish uniformity in charging cables and enhance recharging speed, adopting a USB-C type cable could be anticipated.
  • Extended Remote Control Cable: Minor as it may seem, a slightly lengthier cable for the remote control would grant flexibility in its placement, catering to diverse riding preferences.
  • Ignition Locking Mode: Introducing a button or mode to prevent accidental lamp activation—such as within a bag or due to unintended actions—would be valuable. This safeguard would optimize the lamp’s autonomy.
RAVEMEN CR1000 Bike Light

Final Words

Clearly, this light boasts numerous advantages, including its attractive price point in comparison to other market offerings. The ratio of weight to power and autonomy stands out as one of the market’s most favorable for a handlebar lamp that will reliably guide you throughout your night journeys on the road.

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