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On this splendid summer day, let’s journey to the beach, and let’s do so on bikes. Whether you’re with family, alone, or even accompanied by your furry friend, the notion of using a car is dismissed. Opting for pedal power towards the coast translates to a sensation of liberation. Armed with essentials like a surfboard, cooler, towels, rake, and shovel, there’s no halting your enjoyable beach escapade, provided you’re well-prepared to embrace this two-wheeled vacation.

Pedal to the beach, a unique feeling of freedom

Cycling to the coastline outshines the convenience of car travel. You sidestep the inevitable traffic snarls that plague summer roads. No hours wasted hunting for parking spots either. Equipped with a sturdy anti-theft device, you secure your bike almost anywhere, sans unwelcome surprises. Beyond that, you’re unknowingly combatting air pollution, rendering a service to the planet.

Pedal to the beach, a unique feeling of freedom

Pedaling towards the shore unveils an overlooked hinterland—betwixt marshes, pine woods, dunes, and coastal trails—a chance bypassed by motorists. Vast cycle routes like the Vélodyssée and other favored seaside tracks flourish. France’s most exquisite beaches lie just a bike ride away.

Besides, the effort you invest in pedaling to the ocean pays dividends for your body. You absorb energy and earn gratitude from your cardiovascular system. Amidst the summer’s blaze, you’ll be the first to plunge into 15° waters. Sworn by a Breton!

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Bicycle accessories/equipment to enjoy the beach

Be it the Ile de Ré or the Cap d’Agde, any avid beach enthusiast requires the basics. Towel, swimsuit, sun cream, book, wallet, flippers, mask, snorkel—the inventory stretches. Countless solutions abound to ensure you pack it all, omitting nothing along the way.

Bike bags and baskets

The beach gear finds a convenient ally in the basket, a versatile carrier. Its placement offers flexibility—front anchored to a platform or handlebars, or rear clipped to the sides or luggage rack. Both metal and rattan baskets conjure a rustic allure. For securing your belongings, bring elastic straps.

Bicycle panniers emerge as adaptable companions. Front, sides, saddle, frame, or luggage rack—every location accommodates them. Capacity demands are met, and the key advantage is their water resistance. Amidst a “sirimiri” (Basque for drizzle), your possessions remain dry. Certain panniers even imbue your bike with a summer vibe. A case in point: Basil brand (on Amazon), presents a collection of floral-adorned bags. A special feature is their attachment system, clippable to handlebars and convertible to a shoulder-carried beach bag.

Basil, Sport MIK, Double Pannier, 32L
Basil, Sport MIK, Double Pannier, 32L (Get it from AMAZON)

Culinary enthusiasts, too, find delight with isothermal panniers—maintaining picnic freshness throughout the day. With varying sizes, sandwiches, beverages, or even dew-kissed aperitifs accompany you seaside, serenaded by waves. Enter the Klickfix brand (on Amazon), showcasing a 16l-capacity isothermal bag, fitting seamlessly within a bicycle basket.

Surf and bike, the winning combo for beach vacations

Eager to conquer the mighty ocean waves? Tailored gear empowers you to bike-tote your surfboard. The surf rack accommodates boards up to 7 kg—longboards and paddles included.

Surfboard Bike Rack
Surfboard Bike Rack (on Amazon)

In the realm of larger cargo like surfboards, systems catering to weights of 20 kg emerge. One such instance is the Bakkie brand, furnishing a bag affixable to your bike’s luggage rack.

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Cycling to the beach with the family

front-mounted child seat

With a child or a troop of toddlers, cycling by the shore is a breeze. Multiple transportation options come into play. First, the front-mounted child seat, tailored for 9 months to 3-year-olds weighing under 15 kg. For older kids, rear seats accommodate up to 9-year-olds, with a maximum 35 kg.

When two little ones tag along, the bicycle trailer prevails as the top pick. Enhanced safety and comfort are bestowed upon passengers. Some feature mosquito nets or waterproof tarps for added shield. Croozer brand offers an array of bike trailer add-ons, including sunshades to fend off fierce rays. An added benefit of bike trailers is rear storage—perfect for kites, buckets, shovels, and rakes. Prepare for a sandcastle showdown!

bike trailer
Double Tow Behind Bike Trailer (on Amazon)

Whichever child conveyance you opt for, remember the helmet—a must until age 12.

Atphfety Toddler Kids Bike Helmet
Atphfety Toddler Kids Bike Helmet (on Amazon)

And our faithful companions are also entitled to a swim, even on bikes

According to your pet’s size, various secure options await your beach-bound bike adventure.

Begin with bike carriers catering to petite dogs or cats. These attach to the bike’s front or rear, incredibly user-friendly. Up to 12 kg can be comfortably transported.

Dog Bike Basket
Dog Bike Basket (on Amazon)

For bigger dogs, a dog trailer is an apt choice. Some models accommodate dogs up to 30 kg. Side pockets offer storage for Medor’s essentials—bowl and cherished toys included.

Pet Bike Trailer
Pet Bike Trailer (on Amazon)

For motorists, take your bike for a beach vacation

For those dwelling at a distance, coastal bike expeditions remain a possibility. If your home is reachable by car, diverse methods facilitate bike transport.

The roof-mounted bike rack (on Amazon) assures unobstructed rear visibility. Yet, bike loading necessitates some proficiency. Alternatively, the trunk-mounted or towball-mounted carriers economize fuel. However, a removable license plate is requisite. For transporting multiple bikes, a specialized trailer accommodating up to 6 bikes stands as an optimal choice. Delighting the entire family!

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10 must-have beach bike accessories

For a smoother and worry-free cycling experience on your beach getaway, here’s a rundown of essential gear:

– Self-gripping Doomap card holder on handlebars

An insulated bicycle shopping basket

– A bike FM radio and MP3 player, or a smartphone holder on the handlebars.

Monkey Light bicycle wheel lighting

Surfboard holder

Handlebar-mounted bottle holder

Water bottle or gourd

A 2-seater bike trailer with the right baby seat

– Cycling goggles with built-in camera.

An effective bike lock

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