List Of The Best Bicycle Racks For E-bikes

Are you planning to bring your electric bike along for a vacation or explore your local area on it? Well, transporting your electric bike becomes a breeze with an electric bike rack. However, before you hit the road, there are several crucial factors to keep in mind.

Firstly, you should be aware of the maximum load-bearing capacity of your electric bike rack. This capacity is vital to ensure safe and efficient transportation. Additionally, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the relevant regulations and legislation that apply to transporting electric bikes.

While this may seem daunting, don’t worry; we’ll guide you through all the necessary information and make it easy to understand. So, you can embark on your electric bike adventures with confidence and peace of mind.

Things to know before using a bike rack for electric bikes

Hollywood Racks, Destination
Hollywood Racks, Destination (on Amazon)

More and more vacationers are hitting the road with cars equipped with bike carriers attached to their towing hooks. These towing hooks are robust components, conveniently positioned, ensuring stability, and possessing a load capacity that can handle at least the weight of two e-bikes.

However, it’s crucial to note that not all bike racks are suitable for e-bikes due to road safety considerations. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this restriction.

Maximum support load

The reason why not just any electric bike can be mounted on any bike carrier boils down to the maximum load-bearing capacity of your vehicle’s towbar. To put it simply, you can load your hitch with a weight that doesn’t exceed the limit set by your car manufacturer. This limit is typically indicated on a plate next to the socket on your hitch. If it’s not there, you can locate it in your vehicle documents or inquire with your dealer. The maximum drawbar load varies from one vehicle to another but typically falls within the range of 45 kg for smaller cars to 75 kg for larger models.

Exceeding this load-bearing capacity can have adverse effects, straining both the vehicle’s suspension and the towbar attachment. This overload can also impact driving characteristics and power steering.

To safely use your towbar for transporting electric bikes, you must determine both the combined weight of your bikes and the bike carrier. You can typically find this information in the manufacturers’ product specifications for your bike carrier and e-bikes.

Weight of bike rack for electric bikes

On average, electric bikes weigh approximately 6 kg more than their standard counterparts. This additional weight is primarily due to the presence of a battery and a motor. The battery, a key component of an e-bike, typically accounts for an average weight of around 3 kg. Many e-bikes are equipped with removable batteries, allowing you to reduce the bike’s weight when needed. This not only makes lifting the bike easier but also lowers the overall load.

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Standard bike carriers are designed to accommodate bikes weighing roughly 22 kg and should not be exposed to loads exceeding 50 kg. These “ordinary” bike racks are not engineered to withstand the weight of electric bikes.

Therefore, we strongly recommend opting for a bike carrier explicitly designed for transporting electric bikes. These specialized racks are constructed to support loads of up to 30 kg per bike. Consequently, you can safely transport only one electric bike on such carriers. If you need to transport multiple electric bikes, we advise considering the use of roof racks as a more suitable solution.

What do current regulations and legislation say?

Once you’ve successfully matched the right combination of e-bikes and a bike carrier that aligns with your towbar’s maximum load-bearing capacity, you’ve reached a crucial milestone. However, before hitting the road with your electric bikes secured on your bike carrier, it’s imperative to adhere to specific conditions outlined by regulations and legislation.

Here are the key points that demand your attention:

  1. Width Limitation: As mandated by law, bicycles must not extend beyond 20 cm from either side of your vehicle.
  2. Safety Measures: Ensure that no sharp components protrude from your setup, prioritizing safety.
  3. Lighting Requirements: The bike carrier affixed to your towing device must feature functional rear lights and stop lights.
  4. License Plate: Display a white license plate on the carrier to fulfill regulatory obligations.

The best bicycle racks for electric bikes

Now that you’re acquainted with the crucial aspects of bike racks for electric bikes, it’s time to discover the best-suited options for your electric bike transportation needs. Here are some recommended bike racks tailored for securely transporting electric bikes on your towbar:

1. FulTyme RV 1300

FulTyme RV 1300

The Fultyme RV 1300 employs trays to support bikes, securing them with clamps attached to the frame. Its most prominent selling point undoubtedly lies in its affordability. Priced at a mere $145, it costs less than half of comparable racks. However, this budget-friendly choice does entail some compromises in terms of fit and finish.

To use this rack, you’ll need a 2″ hitch, and it incorporates an anti-rattle design for stability. The rack comes equipped with wheel holders featuring straps to firmly secure your bikes, accommodating most bikes with tires up to 5″. Surprisingly, the rack is rated for a total weight capacity of 200 lbs, although the product manual raises eyebrows by stating it’s not intended for ebikes, despite its high weight capacity.

As per user reviews, many individuals have found it necessary to reinforce the rack, both to handle the weight of ebikes and to prevent them from shifting during transit. This necessitates some caution, and we can’t offer a wholehearted recommendation. Nonetheless, it’s worthwhile to explore our video on this rack and peruse real owner comments for additional insights. When it comes to storage, the Fultyme RV 1300 can be conveniently folded, reducing its footprint when not in use.

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If you’re seeking the best and most user-friendly ebike rack, this may not be your top choice. However, its ultra-affordable price tag has attracted many ebike owners, making it a consideration for those on a tight budget.

2. Hollywood Racks Sport Rider

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider

If you’re in search of an affordable yet robust rack designed for ebikes, the Hollywood Racks Sport Rider is worth considering. RV owners should explore the Hollywood Racks RV Rider E-bike Rack, and those in need of a ramp should investigate the Destination rack, though be cautious of its weight limit.

While they do fall in the $500 to $700 range, it’s important to note that ebike racks, in general, aren’t known for being budget-friendly. Nevertheless, Hollywood Racks offers decent quality and incorporates some appealing features. Notably, the company has made continuous improvements, and it’s no coincidence that the rack is consistently available directly through various ebike brands.

This rack necessitates a 2″ hitch receiver and boasts an anti-wobble hitch system. It features trays to cradle the wheels, securely clamping to the frame. However, if you own a step-through ebike, you’ll require a fake top tube adapter to facilitate the clamp.

The Sport Rider rack is adjustable, accommodating various ebike models, albeit with a setup that might demand a bit of your time. We recommend viewing the instructional video on the Hollywood website for detailed guidance. This rack shines when consistently transporting the same ebikes, as opposed to frequently adjusting for different bike sizes and designs.

Each tray of the Sport Rider rack is rated to carry up to 80 lbs, accommodating tires up to 5″ wide. Notably, Hollywood Racks offers a trike adapter kit, allowing you to transport one ebike alongside one trike. Keep in mind that the Sport Rider is not suitable for use on trailers, fifth wheels, or towed vehicles.

Convenience is at your fingertips, as the rack can be easily folded up when not in use or lowered to enhance access to your vehicle’s rear. For added security, the Sport Rider includes multiple built-in locks, such as a cable lock, hitch pin lock, and locking frame hook. In summary, the Sport Rider strikes a satisfying balance between quality and affordability.

3. Saris MHS (Modular Hitch System)

Saris MHS (Modular Hitch System)

This reputable company offers a rack employing a wheel clamping system, similar to models like QuikrStuff and 1Up. Previously, it had a 60 lb limit per bike tray, but they recently upgraded it to an 80 lb capacity, sufficient for most ebikes.

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The system is modular, allowing you to purchase a hitch with space for up to four bikes. The first two spots have an 80 lb limit, while trays 3 and 4 support 35 lbs each. Pricing options include $549.98 for a single tray setup or $899.97 for a dual tray configuration. Saris offers bases compatible with either 1 1/4″ or 2″ receivers.

This versatile system accommodates cargo bikes and fat tire ebikes. Saris even includes a ratchet strap designed to clip onto the rear wheel, offering an additional layer of security for ebikes. The wheel holders are adjustable at multiple points, accommodating various wheel sizes. Moreover, an integrated cable lock is seamlessly incorporated into the rack, enhancing security.

One standout feature of the Saris MHS is its versatility. You can purchase accessories that extend its utility beyond just transporting ebikes.

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Related Q&A

Related Q&A
  1. What are E-bike racks used for?
    E-bike racks securely transport electric bicycles on vehicles, ensuring safe and convenient transportation.
  2. Why should I choose a dedicated E-bike rack over a regular bike rack?
    Dedicated E-bike racks offer better support and security for the heavier and bulkier E-bikes.
  3. How do I install an E-bike rack on my vehicle?
    Begin by following the manufacturer’s instructions, which typically involve mounting the rack onto your vehicle.
  4. Are E-bike racks compatible with all types of E-bikes?
    Most E-bike racks are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of electric bicycle styles and sizes.
  5. What is the maximum weight capacity of E-bike racks?
    E-bike racks can handle various weight limits, often ranging from 60 to 120 pounds, so check your rack’s specifications.
  6. Are there any safety precautions I should take when using E-bike racks?
    Always ensure that your E-bike is securely fastened to the rack and regularly inspect the rack for any issues.
  7. Can E-bike racks be used on different vehicle types?
    Yes, many E-bike racks are adaptable and can be mounted on cars, SUVs, and even RVs.
  8. Do E-bike racks require any maintenance?
    Periodically check for loose bolts or parts and lubricate moving components for smooth operation.
  9. What’s the difference between hitch-mounted and roof-mounted E-bike racks?
    Hitch racks are easier to load and unload, while roof racks offer better fuel efficiency and versatility.
  10. Are there any legal restrictions for transporting E-bikes on racks?
    Laws vary by location, so always check local regulations to ensure compliance when transporting E-bikes on racks.

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