How to Choose Photochromic Bicycle Glasses?

When cycling, it’s crucial to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays and maintain clear vision in varying light conditions. The ideal choice for this purpose is photochromic glasses. These glasses automatically adjust to changing light conditions, ensuring the best possible protection and visual comfort during your rides.

Choose quality photochromic lenses

When selecting photochromic eyewear, prioritize the quality of the lenses, as they serve as your primary defense against the sun’s harmful UV rays and potential impacts from projectiles and insects. Opt for lenses that offer a swift and seamless transition between different light conditions, a key advantage of this type of eyewear. Look for lenses that darken rapidly in intense light and lighten promptly when the light diminishes.

Ensuring 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays is crucial to safeguarding your eyes from sun damage. Glasses with a minimum sun protection factor of 3 or 4 are essential for biking in sunny conditions, especially in mountainous areas.

To enhance visual clarity, consider polarized lenses, as they effectively reduce unwanted glare. By reducing glare, these lenses contribute to improved visibility during your cycling activities.

Consider frame comfort and fit

After considering the lens criteria, it’s crucial not to overlook the comfort and fit of your glasses on your face. To enhance your cycling experience, opt for a lightweight and durable frame that fits securely. Materials like nylon or polycarbonate are often recommended for their impact resistance and long-lasting quality. Look for glasses with adjustable nose pads and temples to achieve a personalized fit.

A well-fitting frame is essential as it prevents slippage during physical activity and ensures excellent peripheral vision. Glasses made from materials like nylon and polycarbonate offer a lightweight feel, allowing you to forget you’re even wearing them while riding. On the contrary, heavy glasses that exert excessive pressure on your ears or nose can quickly become a source of annoyance during your outings. Therefore, prioritizing comfort and fit will contribute to a more enjoyable cycling experience.

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Some specific features for cycling

Certain photochromic eyewear models may not be explicitly designed for cycling, but when selecting your photochromic goggles, it’s vital to focus on specific features that are particularly advantageous for cycling activities. Seek out models equipped with an anti-fog coating, as this feature reduces condensation build-up, proving invaluable during wet weather conditions. Adequate ventilation in the goggles can also play a crucial role in preventing fogging, enhancing visibility while cycling.

Considering extended wear, opt for models with soft and comfortable temples to avoid discomfort or the development of unpleasant pressure points during long hours of use. Prioritizing these features will ensure that your photochromic eyewear performs optimally during your cycling endeavors, providing both convenience and enhanced safety.

Keep your bike in style

While perhaps not the most critical factor, we can certainly appreciate why style-conscious cyclists desire aesthetically pleasing photochromic glasses. In today’s market, numerous brands offer a wide array of photochromic cycling glasses, allowing cyclists to find styles that suit their preferences. Many cyclists now prefer eyewear that provides extensive coverage, encompassing their entire field of vision. The choice between rectangular or streamlined shapes is entirely up to individual taste.

As demonstrated, selecting the appropriate photochromic glasses is vital for ensuring a safe and enjoyable cycling experience. Factors such as lens quality, comfort, and frame fit should be carefully considered. Additionally, consulting reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow cyclists can be beneficial in making an informed decision. Whenever possible, trying the glasses on before purchasing is recommended to ensure they align with your expectations.

Equipped with the right photochromic glasses, you can fully relish your cycling outings, benefiting from optimal sun protection and clear vision across varying light conditions. Embracing these considerations will enhance your cycling adventures, ensuring you ride in both style and safety.

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The best 5 photochromic bicycle glasses

1. Bollé Shifter

Bolle Brands C-Shifter Square Sunglasses

Bollé’s Shifter cycling sunglasses boast a stylish and angular design, perfectly blending contemporary aesthetics with a hint of retro charm.

The single-piece lens, designed to be impact-resistant, delivers excellent clarity for an enhanced visual experience. Notably, the lens is thoughtfully vented and treated with an anti-fog coating, preventing quick steaming up in humid conditions.

The frame exudes a reassuring robustness and feels premium in its construction. The kinked arms provide a secure grip on your head, ensuring a stable and comfortable fit. Although the frame’s thickness might be visible in your peripheral vision, our tester found it to be a minor concern and didn’t significantly affect their experience.

2. Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm Road

When Oakley’s Jawbreaker glasses hit the market in 2015, their unique style sparked polarized opinions. However, there’s no denying that they played a significant role in reviving the trend for oversized cycling sunglasses.

The expansive 53mm tall and 131mm wide lens provides exceptional coverage, and the chunky frame remains inconspicuous at extreme angles, preserving your clear field of vision.

Additionally, both the nose and earpieces are adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect combination for a secure fit, even on the roughest roads. Changing the lens is a straightforward process, adding to the glasses’ overall convenience and functionality.

3. Smith Bobcat

Smith Bobcat

Smith’s Bobcat cycling sunglasses are explicitly designed for off-tarmac riding, including enduro, trail, and gravel terrains, and our testing confirms that they live up to this claim.

The generous-sized lens provides ample protection and visibility without feeling cumbersome. For added versatility, the glasses come with two tints—one for low-light conditions and another for brighter environments.

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Remarkably lightweight and exceptionally comfortable, the Bobcat sunglasses are so unobtrusive that you’ll hardly notice them on your head during your rides. This blend of functionality and comfort makes them an ideal choice for any adventurous cyclist seeking reliable eyewear for off-road excursions.

4. 100% Eastcraft

100% Eastcraft

The lens quality of the 100% Eastcraft glasses is exceptional, providing remarkable clarity that remains unaffected even when you’re sweating, a scenario where inferior lenses tend to fog up.

In challenging weather conditions like wind and rain, the 100% Eastcraft frames stay securely in place, offering reliable stability. Moreover, the lens’s exterior efficiently disperses water and grime, ensuring your vision remains unobstructed, no matter the environmental challenges you encounter. These features make the 100% Eastcraft glasses a reliable choice for cyclists who venture out in various weather conditions.

5. BBB Avenger

BBB Avenger

The BBB Avenger cycling glasses offer excellent ventilation despite their close proximity to the face, thanks to cutaways at the top of the lens.

Moreover, the adjustable nose piece allows you to customize the fit to your preference for added comfort.

The glasses come with three lenses: a dark tint for bright conditions, a yellow lens for low-light situations, and a clear lens. Swapping between lenses is a straightforward process by popping them out of the frame.

Optical performance was satisfactory, and we had no issues with the clarity of the lenses.

However, the broad frame design might cause interference with some helmets, and the nose piece may require some fine-tuning to achieve the perfect fit. Nevertheless, considering the price point, it’s challenging to find fault with these versatile and functional BBB Avenger cycling glasses.

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