KASK Bicycle Helmets review (Is It The Best?)

KASK bicycle helmets are expertly crafted to safeguard urban cyclists, known for their superior comfort, innovative design, and impeccable quality. The iconic urban models, like the Kask Urban Lifestyle helmet featuring a visor, are proudly manufactured in Italy, the company’s home base. Rooted in Italian craftsmanship, the Kask Lifestyle collection caters to the demands of city cyclists and bikepackers in search of both elegance and functionality. The KASK brand makes no concessions—where style intertwines with safety, where design prioritizes cyclist well-being.

KASK bicycle helmets: design made in Italy

Discovering a bicycle helmet that perfectly balances style and functionality for your urban cycling adventures isn’t always a straightforward task. However, an innovative solution has emerged from the renowned Italian company, KASK. Introducing the Urban Lifestyle model, this creation caters to city residents seeking a helmet that transcends the typical sporty aesthetic. Crafted with meticulous attention in Italy, this helmet’s distinguishing feature lies in its sophistication and subtle nuances that truly set it apart.

KASK Utopia

The Kask Urban Lifestyle helmet is offered in two sizes, presenting a range of understated or vibrant hues. A refined leather strap in brown or black ensures a snug fit. Its contoured structure embraces the cyclist’s head seamlessly. Crafted using premium silk-film polycarbonate for the external shell and polystyrene for the interior, this top-tier KASK bike helmet guarantees robustness and longevity. Moreover, these materials are effortlessly maintainable due to their inherent strength and easy-to-clean properties.

KASK Urban R Bike Helmet

The KASK Urban Lifestyle helmet with visor: comfort and lightness

For daily urban commuting on your bicycle, investing in rain gear is wise, as well as selecting gear suited for hot weather to ensure a comfortable summer ride. Inadequate equipment might lead to being drenched. The Kask Urban Lifestyle helmet offers targeted defense against rain, sun, and sweat, delivering both elegance and practicality. Its sophisticated design makes wearing this Kask bicycle helmet a true delight. Ventilation atop the helmet and CoolMax® foam padding maintain excellent airflow for a comfortable head.

KASK Urban Lifestyle

Included with KASK’s Urban Lifestyle bike helmet is an original smoked-glass visor. This visor, certified under EN166, shields against wind, rain, dust, and sun glare, optimizing comfort during all weather conditions. Another benefit? You can comfortably wear prescription glasses under it, safeguarding them from rain.

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Additionally, the visor on this KASK bicycle helmet proves invaluable when riding an e-bike. The perks? Electric bikes accelerate swiftly in urban settings, exposing your eyes to more wind, air, and rain, amplified by the speed. A pro tip for selecting your bike helmet? Opt for one tailored to electric-assisted bicycles (EABs) if you’re an e-bike rider.

KASK Urban Lifestyle

The KASK Urban Lifestyle helmet wins our favor due to its remarkable lightness, tipping the scales at a mere 360 grams. Once snugly secured with its eco-conscious leather straps, it becomes effortless to overlook its presence while cycling.

While not obligatory for adults, bicycle helmets stand as a strongly recommended accessory to enhance cycling safety. For those in search of innovative head protection for urban biking, the concealed Airbag Hovding model might capture your interest as well.

The KASK story: innovation and performance

Much like Basil, renowned for its fashionable bicycle accessories, the Italian label KASK exemplifies a brand that melds style seamlessly with efficiency in its equipment. Collaborating with and sponsoring professional teams like Sky/Ineos, as well as athletes spanning various domains, KASK ensures style is never compromised. Their bicycle helmets make prominent appearances in prestigious cycling events like the Tour de France and the Giro, among others.

KASK Valegro Bike Helmet
KASK Valegro Bike Helmet (on Amazon)

Beyond their bicycle helmet line, KASK expands their purview to encompass models tailored for equestrian riding, snowboarding, and skiing. Since 2004, the Italian brand has crafted an expansive array of helmets that harmonize performance and elegance. Simultaneously, the partnership between KASK and designer Paul Smith has yielded a distinctive limited edition of the Protone bicycle helmet. This flagship model was adorned with the captivating “Rainbow Gradient” color transition.

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KASK’s accolades span multiple prestigious platforms, with several awards secured at the international IPSO trade show and the world’s largest bicycle trade fair, Eurobike. Endorsed by European standards, KASK helmets guarantee the safety and security of their wearers.

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