How to Pick The Right Measure for a Bike Helmet?

Wearing a Bike helmet while biking is important. But a poorly fitted helmet can still cause accidents and injury. The sizes of helmets range from small to extra-large, usually measured in centimeters.

Finding the right helmet size can be confusing. So, to help, we created a guide on how to measure for a bike helmet. Here’s a quick overview of the steps to take:

  • Measure up
  • Pick out some helmets
  • Test them out
  • Make adjustments
  • Do the shake test

Helmet Sizing and Selection Guide

How to Pick The Right Measure for a Bike Helmet?
How to Pick The Right Measure for a Bike Helmet?

Choosing the right bike helmet size is essential for safety and comfort. Get the wrong size and it can be dangerous and a waste of money.

A helmet that’s too small can build up sweat and leave marks on your head, which will make you uncomfortable on long rides. A helmet that’s too big can easily come off in an accident, providing no protection and blocking your view.

To ensure a good fit, the helmet should sit about an inch above your eyebrows. You can measure this by using a tape measure and following these steps:

  1. Measure up
  2. Pick out some helmets
  3. Test them out
  4. Make adjustments
  5. Do the shake test
Materials needed:

This tutorial only requires a measuring tool, a flexible fabric tape measure works best. It allows you to get an accurate measurement by fitting around your head. This will give you the most precise measurement for your new helmet.

Properly Measuring a Bike Helmet

How to Pick The Right Measure for a Bike Helmet?

1- Measure head size for bike helmet:

Using the right tool is key in measuring for a bike helmet. A fabric tape measure is best as it can easily wrap around your head. Measure around the widest part of your head, just above your eyebrows and ears. This will give you the correct circumference in centimeters. Remember, it is essential to measure the largest area of the back of your head for a correct fit.

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2. Pick out some helmets:

After taking your head measurement, try on multiple helmets to find the right fit. Look for helmets that correspond to your head size. Remember that different helmet brands have different sizing, so try on different options.

To ensure the best fit, it’s best to try on helmets in person at a store instead of buying online. Also, you can use this guide as reference when choosing your helmet:

Helmet SizingMeasurement (in centimeters)
XS53 to 54
S55 to 56
M57 to 58
L59 to 60
XL61 to 62
2XL63 to 64
3XL65 to 66

3. Test them out:

Once you’ve found helmets that match your size, try them on to find the best fit. It’s important to try on multiple helmets and ensure that it covers your forehead to protect your front lobe. Also, pay attention to how comfortable the helmet feels while wearing it.

4. Make adjustments:

Make any necessary adjustments to ensure your helmet fits perfectly on your head. Many helmets come with adjustable features, with more expensive options providing more options.

Adjustable straps will help keep your helmet in place while riding. Check that the tension is evenly distributed for maximum comfort.

Make sure to connect the chin strap and adjust it so that it sits comfortably under your chin. It should be tight enough that you can only fit one finger between the strap and your chin. When you open your mouth wide, you should feel the helmet press against the top of your head.

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Be mindful not to buy a helmet that is too tight, it can be uncomfortable and leave marks on your skin. Also, poor ventilation is not good for your head.

5. Do the shake test:

Final step, do the shake test. Move your head around, side to side, and every direction. Ensure the helmet stays in place and doesn’t move. Check the straps, make sure they’re not too loose and that it’s still comfortable.

To Sum Up

Helmets protect bikers from accidents. But the wrong fit can still put you at risk. Our guide makes measuring for a helmet easy. Follow the simple steps we provided to make sure you have the right fit next time you buy a helmet.

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