Deuter Attack 20 Backpack Test & Review

A backpack that offers versatility, protection, and optimum back support. For everyday use in the urban jungle, or weekends on the finest gravel trails? A five-legged sheep? Or a three-wheeled bike? We tested the latest Deuter Attack 20 L backpack. It ticks all the right boxes, to the point of becoming an indispensable ally.

First impressions and test conditions of the Deuter backpack

DEUTER Attack 20 Bicycle Backpack

Upon receiving the backpack from the German brand, we were immediately impressed, and it bodes well for our future adventures. The Deuter backpack’s fabric appears robust, and it is made of TPU material with polyester fibers, striking a perfect balance between abrasion resistance and lightness. The weight of the product initially raised concerns due to the presence of back padding, but we were pleasantly surprised upon unpacking. With the liner, the backpack weighs a mere 1420 grams, while without the back pad, it’s a featherweight 1100 grams.

deuter attack 20 review

As we explored the interior of the bag, we discovered numerous compartments and small functionalities, which pleasantly surprised us and sparked our imagination about the various storage possibilities for our upcoming outings. This thoughtful design ensures that our belongings can be neatly organized, making it a practical companion for any adventure.

Deuter hiking bag: attacking extreme versatility

A place for everything and everything in its place

The Deuter Attack 20 backpack truly shines with its remarkable storage capacity, securely holding all your gear in place. The front pocket’s small nets are ingeniously designed for easily stowing the multitool, mini-pump, and inflator, while a practical hook keeps your keys within reach. Additionally, the upper front compartment boasts a soft fleece lining, providing a safe spot for sunglasses or a mask. This thoughtful organization ensures that all equipment is well-arranged and firmly secured, preventing any discomfort from shifting while traversing changing terrains.

deuter attack 20

Inside the backpack’s main pocket, you’ll find ample room and a dedicated space for the water bag, with optimally placed tube routing. The tube efficiently exits from the bag’s top, and wide Velcro fasteners securely keep it in place on both sides of the chest. The well-integrated backrest compartment at the bag’s bottom offers sufficient space for essentials like a light rain jacket, a merino layer for cool breaks, and mid-ride snacks. Furthermore, the backpack comes with a rain cover, adding an extra layer of protection in case of inclement weather. The rain cover discreetly tucks under the bag, providing peace of mind during rainy conditions.

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From gravel to velotaf, the Deuter brand follows us on our bikes

Discover a range of discreet and convenient secret pockets that add extra functionality to your urban bag. When you’re on the go in town, these pockets prove to be incredibly useful. Take, for instance, the smartphone pocket, which cleverly hides behind the main pocket on the side. This ingenious design enables you to securely stow away sensitive items while maintaining quick access.

While the ventral strap may not align with the typical fashionable standards of urban bags, the small pockets it boasts are perfect for storing essentials like keys and headphones, ensuring they remain within arm’s reach. Additionally, the shoulder straps come equipped with a small elastic band, allowing you to hang your glasses conveniently nearby.

For everyday use or short trips, removing the back protector opens up space to accommodate a 16″ computer and various small items efficiently. Versatility is key with this German brand backpack, making it suitable for any situation – whether you’re commuting on your Vélotaf, utilizing a bike-share scheme, navigating the metro, or even traveling on the TGV.

Attack 20: The comfort of a backpack designed for cycling

A lightweight touring backpack that provides protection

Comfort and back support have always been integral to the brand’s identity. Back in 1984, the German brand revolutionized the backpack market by introducing its patented Air confort system, setting the stage for continuous innovation. As technology progressed, Deuter remained at the forefront, consistently pushing the boundaries of comfort.

deuter attack 20 2

The Multishock Back Protector technology is a testament to their commitment to safety. Boasting articulated pads, this system ensures excellent ventilation and flexibility, enhancing the overall experience. Speaking of protection, the backpack’s level of security is remarkably high. While we didn’t conduct full-scale crash tests or daredevil stunts, it is essential to mention that the backpack is certified by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH (0123).

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Moreover, it complies with the rigorous European standard EN 1621-1*, which signifies its exceptional shock absorption capabilities. Weighing a mere 350g and offering relative flexibility, once you wear it, you’ll practically forget it’s there, even during your most spirited and athletic excursions.

Embrace the confidence that comes with cutting-edge technology and unbeatable comfort – experience the ultimate companion for your outdoor pursuits with Deuter’s innovative backpack.

Back support: a backpack tailored to women’s and men’s morphologies

The backpack’s remarkable adjustability sets it apart as another significant asset. Achieving the perfect fit is made easy with various adjustment systems in place. For the chest strap, a range of 135 mm allows for optimum height adjustment, while also doubling as a whistle – a practical feature for motivating the group during outdoor adventures.

The shoulder straps offer even more customization, featuring adjustable strap systems at both the top and bottom. These adjustments enable you to position the bag at the ideal height on your back, ensuring optimal comfort. Additionally, the 13 cm high ventral strap at lumbar level can be fine-tuned using two straps on the left and right, further enhancing the backpack’s support and load distribution.

deuter attack 20 review

The result of these thoughtful adjustments is excellent back support and balanced weight distribution, effectively minimizing the strain of carrying heavy loads. This level of comfort proves especially valuable when combined with the Carrying Guard technology. This innovative feature provides enhanced support for carrying the backpack while biking.

With a reinforced, non-slip coating on the upper part of the bag and the shoulder straps, the backpack becomes an active partner during your biking endeavors, making your efforts more manageable and enjoyable. Embrace the blend of comfort, adjustability, and support with this remarkable backpack, designed to elevate your outdoor experiences to new heights.

Final Word

After three months of rigorous testing, the Deuter Attack 20 backpack has proven its durability and reliability. It has withstood the test of time, remaining steadfast and fully capable of accompanying us on all our daily cycling adventures without faltering.

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